Our products improve ergonomics and the working environment for drivers in different work vehicles.


All armrest manufactured by Frameco are based on the same principle: They offer good comfort; high functionality and they are easy to use. These are the different focus areas of our products:

310 Ergo Comfort

• ​Comfort and load alleviation
• ​High flexibility

600 Ergo Flex

• ​Stability
• ​Heavy-duty usage

2000 Ergo Flex 

• ​Optimal flexibility
• ​Seamless adjustability

5200 Ergo Sturdy

• ​Flexible
• ​Stable solution


Our armrests can be fitted with a wide variety of pads. The common denominator of all the pads is that they are all made of puritan and have an ergonomic shape. The size variation makes it possible to suit your specific needs.

A pad

Width: 60-90mm
Length: 280mm

C pad

Width: 90-130mm
Length: 280mm

D pad

Width: 130mm
Length: 320mm

E pad

Width: 90-130mm
Length: 400mm

G pad

Width: 65mm
Length: 285mm

Joints, Holder and Boxes

To mount joysticks to our armrests, we have an array of joints with different levels of adjustments for our various armrests.If you have specific requirements, we can find a solution that fit’s your needs.